We help professionals with their insurances and investments.

A top certified financial advisor will help you get organised and on track.

Financial Advice

Are you a professional that wants trusted advice from a certified financial planning professional?

We are a team of certified professionals who work as you do with your clients and patients. We Take the Time to Understand Your Needs and Tailor A Solution to Fit Your Situation. 

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financial investment adviser

Financial Planning

Financial planning in Australia is full of complexity. Having the Professionals Advice Group on your side will provided you with direction, support and reassurance.

trauma insurance Australia

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance, also called 'critical illness', pays a lump sum amount if you suffer a critical illness or serious injury. The money is to help out if you suffered from a cancer, a heart condition, major head injury or stroke.

life insurance

Life Insurance

Have you ever wondered who will help your family if you die suddenly? Life Insurance provides a lump sum which may be used to provide an ongoing income stream to your surviving dependents and/or repay your debts.

Why Us?

We know professionals and make working with us easy.


We give result-oriented advice with a proven and robust investment philosophy that makes sense.


With our flexible services. We can either just be your insurance broker or your full-service financial investment adviser.


We are professionals with decades of experience at some of the most prestigious financial advisory firms in Australia. We know all the vital factors that can make your investment successful.


How We Work?

we offer two services

Insurance Review

Financial Advice

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